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The Shotgun.

The Shotgun is one of the nine weapons available to use in WRATH: Aeon of Ruin to kill Enemies.

The Shotgun is a double-barreled, break-action weapon. Its appearance is predominantly silver-grey in colour. A set of runes can be seen on the topside of the gun, flashing in red when firing. The Shotgun is the only gun seen so far that needs to be reloaded after each shot (instead of merely cycled).

The Shotgun's primary fire unleashes a double-shot blast, devastating at close range. The alternate function is a charged shot - a delayed, powered-up blast of heated, ricocheting pellets. This "superblast" can destroy whole groups of Zombies. When charging the alternate shot, a strange orange fluid can be seen unloading into the gun chambers, presumably providing the fuel for the powered-up shot.

The Shotgun uses Shells as ammo. A pack of Shells contains 20 Shells. The Shells maximum capacity is 100. However, as both of the Shotgun's firemodes consume 2 Shells per shot, in practice this ammo supply lasts for 50 shots.