Cruel Aegis

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The Cruel Aegis is one of the ten Artifacts in WRATH: Aeon of Ruin. It appears as a small heater shield.

The Cruel Aegis grants temporary invincibility in exchange of major damage to Outlander's health. Upon activation, health goes down to 10 points, but simultaneously Outlander becomes imprevious to all damage, for fifteen seconds. The previous health level is not recovered after the invulnerability effect ends, thus the Cruel Aegis is intended to be used as a last resort against overwhelming opposition.[1]

However, Outlander's health can be recovered immediately after activating Cruel Aegis, so the player can negate the disadvantage right away, not giving enemies a chance to strike them down after the artifact has been expended. If there are no Health items available nearby, the alternative solution is to combine Cruel Aegis with the Life Siphon.

When in use, the Cruel Aegis shrouds Outlander's vision in purple veil.

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